This page might relate to nobody else but me… or does it? If you find my posts interesting, share them, comment on them or simply wonder.

You may find random thoughts on society, science, politics, economy, the environment and anything else that comes to mind that I want to share with the world.

This is how I’ve come to define myself:
Trainer, nomad, volunteer, freethinker, sustainability seeker, NFE addict, p2p lover, web 2.0 artivist, promoter of a better future for all, based on the Commons.

I work as a soft skills trainer/facilitator and freelance as a web and graphic designer.
I also proudly and happily volunteer for Basic Income.
I use Open Source Software and promote Creative Commons licenses.
I openly believe in and support the transition to a society politically and economically based on the Commons.
All of the above, I practice within my attempts to achieve a better future for all.

If you find yourself relating to that drop me a line.
If you’re really really┬ácurious, you may wanna have a look at my CV.

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