This is a poem that I’ve written in April 2010 and still captures my way of thinking nicely.

I breath through your fear
and it’s driving me insane,
cause I feel the same…

Will my scattered thoughts be heard?
Will my mind be ever tamed?

No gods are there in comfort to take away my pain,
for in my very own hand
lies the quill that writes fate’s game…

I feel alone inside a crowd full of unique and different people,
like ’em all I’m educated how to mold, to fit, be normal, down to earth… Well, I say NO!
Be free!
I want to break free!

Don’t wanna build the walls of my prison, nevermore!

I wanna mold out of form,
I wanna build into something new!

But what if I fail?

Oh, that’s the fear, that’s the pain…
Well, if I fail I hope I’ll live to tell the tale
of how stupid I was, how blind but also brave!

Tell a lover, tell a friend,
tell someone yet unknown, I’ll tell them all!
I lost the game but played the ball!

And when it’s dark, and when it’s cold,
I hope their heart will give me shelter,
though some of them will go,
in search for something safer…

But I want them all to know,
that it’s the game and not the prize
that makes you fall or rise!

Shall I be worm or butterfly?
Well, anyway, I’ll try to fly!
And hope that I’m not wrong…

Aren’t we like that all?
Pupae hanging from the tree of life?
What’s behind the tree? And what is life?
Will we ever know?

Getting older by the minute, wiser I feel not…
Hope upon hope, that is all I’ve got!

Is it time to fly or did it just pass?
Wait! Do I get a second chance?

Oh, what the hell, let’s fly!
Come! Watch me try!

Hear my call
and if you slightly care,
catch me if I fall…
Then it’s your turn, so dare!

I’m the pupa who knew too much,
that added up to nothing…
But if you’ve read so far so much,
then make it mean something!