This is to be my very first post…

Ever since the idea of a blog existed, I’ve thought to myself I should have one. And many a time I started one, but never managed to keep it up. And not because I didn’t really have thoughts, experiences or life-earned lessons to fill it with… Not because I wanted to have it looking good, being dressed up well in a nice theme before any content was to appear, but instead gave priority to living life rather than writing about it as I’d like to tell myself… But simply because I procrastinated. Yep, that’s it. Procrastination. I could lead a band called The Procrastinators if there wasn’t one out there already.

But no more blabbering. Let this be the imperfect beginning of a new adventure. Imperfect, just like me, artistically dressing up in words and links in order to appear wiser than I truly am. And on my birthday it shall begin. Happy birthday to me then with a happy beginning! In an attempt to beat procrastination, I’ll no longer wait till it looks good before I start, so expect this blog to develop chaotically, reflecting my personality, as a blog should, so welcome once again!

And, since I mentioned imperfection, let the first words of wisdom in this blog be:

We humans are inherently imperfect…
Blessed with a constantly developing ability to consciously comprehend the world around us,
yet cursed with no ability to truly learn without experience…
And it’s a blessing cause it’s due to our ability for experiential learning, that we can reach unprecedented levels of empathy,
yet the same thing is a curse, cause we have to hurt and be hurt before we learn our most important lessons…
It’s neither blessed not cursed by an outsider however, it’s all within us all,
and we may not matter much as individuals, but as societies we thrive!
Imperfect as we may be, it’s by combining our imperfections that we get but a glimpse of this unattainable perfection that we so desperately seek outside of our very nature.
Let us remember and rejoice within our faulty nature then,
for it is the same nature that dooms or redeems us from itself.

If the words above are boring or don’t make sense, just practice Ubuntu. It feels good for everyone involved if you make it.
Thanks for reading this first post, hopefully the first in a long series to follow!

Edit: Doesn’t seem too happy for a beginning, does it? Well, it’s only the beginning, so it gets better. Eventually. Hopefully…